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We are pleased to be able to offer in-school lunches again this year. We have partnered with  ETC Food Service, to provide a hot and cold lunch option daily to our students. ETC makes their lunches off-site and in accordance with the National School Lunch Program health and nutrition standards. Those lunches are then delivered fresh every day to our school for our students to enjoy. Our lunch program will begin on Monday, September 13th, so all students will be asked to bring a lunch to school for the first week of school.
Below please find instructions on how to order your child(ren) lunch(es):
Go to and click Parent Log in.
Select FACTS Family Portal.
Type your school's district code (SAS-MA), your username, and password.
Click Student, then select Lunch.
Click the student name for which you wish to place an order.

The Lunch Order Form expands listing each date an order may be placed.
Click the date to place an order.
Type the number of items to order for the student in the Quantity column. The Total column displays the cost.
Repeat for all dates and all students. The Grand Total is listed at the bottom.
Click Order Items. The charges will now display for the student on their Family Portal portal to be paid on the Financial screen.
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