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Welcome alumni! St. Augustine School is so proud of our graduates, many of whom have done great things for their communities, families, and friends.  
The St. Augustine School Alumni Association was put in place to help alumni stay connected to old friends, faculty, and the school today. All graduates of St. Augustine School are automatically enrolled in the Alumni Association.
Opportunities to participate in the Alumni Association are many. You can volunteer to be a "class rep" – working with others to coordinate social events, track down former classmates or gather updates on what fellow alums are doing today. You can take part in special school-support programs or fundraising activities. Or you can simply join your class when get-togethers or special alumni events are planned.
The degree to which you become involved is up to you. So if you have a special talent or idea for how to help the Alumni Association grow, we’d like to hear from you! Together we hope to enable lifelong friendships and provide a means by which alumni can support the school and stay connected to each other.
We are pleased to announce the high schools that are graduates of the Class of 2019 will be attending. Collectively, the students earned $154,000 in merit scholarships. We are so proud of our students!
72%  will be attending Catholic high schools
9% will be attending private high schools
19% will be attending public high schools. 
Our current graduates will be gracing the halls of...
Andover High School
Austin Preparatory School
Boston College High School
Brooks School
Burke Mountain Academy
Central Catholic High School
Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School
Longleaf School of the Arts
Lowell Catholic High School
Methuen High School
North Andover High School
Pingree School
Presentation of Mary Academy
Reading High School
St. John’s Preparatory School
Tewksbury Memorial High School
Saints & Scholar