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At. St. Augustine School, we strive to foster an environment where life outside of the classroom is as spirited and educational as life is within the school day.

We believe that every club, lesson, rehearsal, and practice can meaningfully contribute to the development of our students. Here is a list of our most popular enrichment programs: 

Cooking Classes . . .

K Buddies

At St. Augustine School, community is central to our mission. One of our most beloved traditions is our Buddy Program, in which we partner kindergarten students with 8th grade students. The buddies participate in many different activities throughout the year including a Teddy Bear Picnic, May crowning of St. Mary, and a viewing of "The Polar Express" at Christmas time. Buddies can often be seen visiting each other at lunch in the cafeteria and walking to church hand in hand for walks down to the church for Mass.