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St. Augustine School prides itself on a challenging instructional program that supports the growth and development of the whole child. From Nursery through Grade 8, students are presented a traditional curriculum of core subjects –Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies – while integrating the special subject areas of Art, Music, Physical Education, Technology, and Library. French, Spanish, and Latin are taught in Grades 6-8. 

As a faith community, we teach, value, and embrace the tenets of our Catholic faith while encouraging students to live the Gospel message. Daily Religion classes and school-wide prayer experiences provide the foundation for our faith journey.

Support services and enrichment opportunities are provided in our Math and Literacy Labs. Our school Guidance Program helps students and their families meet everyday challenges by providing them with life skills and community-building experiences. Starting in the fall of 2015, our students complete the NWEA MAP Test, a national exam which, along with daily classroom work and long-term projects, is a useful instrument in assessing the progress of our students throughout the year.