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Our Special Education Team

Our Special Education team consists of two faculty members and a Merrimack Fellow. We offer in class support in all subject areas and help accommodate and modify the curriculum to meet the needs of our students. We work with various public school districts to write Individualized Education Plans for our students and then implement them here at St. Augustine. 

Success Plans

We create our own Success Plans, which outline the services we can provide for each student, knowing our strengths and limitations as well.   

  • The Success Plan will present a snapshot of the student's academic goals, expected frequency of support staff in their classroom, additional in-school services (Ex: Wilson), and MAP testing accommodations.  
  • Progress Reports: Sent out at the end of each trimester to provide parents with an update on their child's progress toward meeting their IEP goals. 
  • Push in special education support in classrooms in small groups during math and literacy blocks 
  • Targeted instruction and individualized support for students on IEPs 
  • Special Education Team: Support students who have qualified for IEPs, particularly in the areas of reading and math
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