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When do families begin applying for admission to St. Augustine School?

We begin accepting applications on a rolling basis in November immediately following our annual Open House events. At this time, the admissions portal will open on our school website, and families can begin submitting their applications.

How old does my child need to be to register at St. Augustine School?

Students entering Nursery must be three (3) years of age before September 1 of the year they are beginning the program, and students entering Pre-K must be four (4) years of age before September 1 of the year they are beginning the program.

Students entering Kindergarten must be five (5) years of age before September 1 of the year they are beginning the program. Kindergarten-age students are also administered a Kindergarten screening before the admission process is completed and acceptance is determined.

Students entering St. Augustine School in Grades 1-8 must show evidence of successful completion of the previous grade level.

What towns are students from St. Augustine School from?

St. Augustine School welcomes families from approximately twenty different communities from Massachusetts and New Hampshire, including Andover, Tewksbury, North Andover, Methuen, Lawrence, and Haverhill. Regardless of where you live, we invite you to consider St. Augustine School for your children!

How do lunches work? 

You are welcome to pack a lunch for your student each day or order from our lunch provider, Campus Cuisine. To order from Campus Cuisine, go to this link and register using this access code SASA978. Click “Students” to add or edit them. Click “Order lunches” on the student profile or click “Lunches Calendar” in the top left corner and order directly from your calendar. You may order in advance for as many days or weeks as you like. The deadline to order or cancel lunches for the next day is 12:00 PM Eastern Time. Click the days of the week to view the dates and lunch options for that day. Then enter a quantity for each menu item that you wish to order. Click “add to cart” and repeat for each student. Click your cart and proceed to checkout. Please confirm your orders by clicking the Lunches Calendar.


When does the school day begin and end?

Our school day begins at 8:45am with Morning Prayer, and our school day concludes at 3:00pm. The half-day Nursery and Pre-K Program ends at 12:00pm.

Is bus transportation available?

Bus transportation is available for those families who are residents of Andover. It is not available for those families who reside outside of Andover.

Where can I purchase uniforms? 

Uniforms may be purchased at TOMMY HILFIGER – simply type our school name into the search bar and all approved uniform items will be shown. Uniform swaps are held throughout the year as well. 


What is the mission of St. Augustine School? How is this different from other schools?

The mission of St. Augustine School is to form the next generation of saints and scholars in the Catholic tradition. Inspired by our patron, Saint Augusitne, we are committed to the core values of truth (veritas), unity (unitas), and love (caritas) in our pursuit of academic and moral excellence.

At St. Augustine School, we aim to provide a categorically different kind of education - one that encompasses the formation of the whole child. We offer a robust academic program that continuously prepares students for higher-level learning, challenging them to think critically, read insightfully, write articulately, and draw empirical and philosophical conclusions about the complex world around them. At the same time, we affirm that true education seeks to form students not only in intellectual virtue but also in moral virtue. For this reason, we embrace the view that education without formation is education without a soul. Just as the soul gives life to the body, the formation of our students through daily religious instruction, the practice of virtue, and weekly worship gives life to our school.

Do you need to be Catholic to attend St. Augustine School?

The word “catholic” means universal, so to be a Catholic school means to be a universal school – a school for all. Thus, following the example of Christ himself, St. Augustine School does not merely welcome students from all religious backgrounds but invites them to join our school community.

All students are required to attend Religion classes, act respectfully during times of prayer, and be present at school liturgies; however, students of other faiths are never required to engage in acts of worship. St. Augustine School recognizes the value of developing a community of students from diverse backgrounds, which facilitates invaluable opportunities for learning, dialogue, and mutual respect.


What is the average class size at St. Augustine School?

The average class size is approximately 18 students, though this number varies depending on grade level. 

What does the academic curriculum consist of?

St. Augustine School students receive a rigorous education that continuously challenges them to achieve higher levels of learning. Students receive instruction in Literacy, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Religion on a routine basis. Students also attend a weekly Integrated Arts class in Music, Art, Physical Education, Technology, and STREAM.

Does St. Augustine School educate students on educational plans?

St. Augustine School is committed to educating students with learning disabilities to the extent that our staffing and resources allow. As with all students, our faculty seek to partner closely with those parents of students on educational plans in order to provide them with the support they need to reach their academic potential and beyond.

During the admissions process, parents are asked to share any educational plans or relevant testing with the school. At this point, the school administration and/or Special Education Team may reach out to discuss what level of support St. Augustine School is able to provide.

What high schools do St. Augustine School graduates typically attend?

St. Augustine School seeks to provide every student with the foundation they need to be successful in high school. Many graduates will continue their Catholic education at schools such as Central Catholic High School, Austin Preparatory School, St. John’s Preparatory School, and Lowell Catholic High School. Other graduates will attend private schools, such as Phillips Academy Andover, Brooks School, Groton School, St. Mark’s, and Pingree School. Other graduates may attend their public high schools or enroll at a technical high school.


Does St. Augustine School offer an Extended Day program?

Morning Extended Day begins at 7:00am and ends at 8:30am before the school day begins. Afternoon Extended Day begins at 3:00pm and concludes at 5:00pm. Parents are able to sign up for Morning or Afternoon Extended Day after enrolling their child at St. Augustine School.