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At St. Augustine School, we aim to provide a categorically different kind of education – one that encompasses the formation of the whole child. We offer a robust academic program that continuously prepares students for higher-level learning, challenging them to think critically, read insightfully, write articulately, and draw empirical and philosophical conclusions about the complex world around them. At the same time, we affirm that true education seeks to form students not only in the intellectual virtues but also in the moral virtues. For this reason, we embrace the view that education without formation is education without a soul. Just as the soul gives life to the body, the formation of our students through daily religious instruction, the practice of virtue, and weekly worship gives life to our school.

In all that we do, we receive inspiration from the three core values of the Augustinian Order: Truth, Unity, and Love:

Truth (Veritas) - We affirm that cultivating academic excellence in the lifelong pursuit of Truth enables students to fulfill their God-given vocations. We provide students a rigorous and well-rounded academic experience, while recognizing that Truth is not merely a set of learning standards or a system of ideas but the person of Jesus Christ.

Unity (Unitas) - We are the Body of Christ, committed to sharing life in a community with others. We aim to cultivate a faith-filled and joy-filled community of friends in order to facilitate a collaborative and cooperative learning environment.

Love (Caritas) - We teach by word and example the greatest of Christ’s commandments: to love God and one another. We form both the minds and the hearts of our students, recognizing that Love in action is the greatest expression of Truth and Unity.

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St. Augustine School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

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